19 August 2008

The odds are good, but the goods are odd

A storm of criticism has sprung up to respond to the mayor of St Isa in Queensland, who foolishly joked that there was such a shortage of eligible women in the town that even 'beauty-disadvantaged women' would find themselves a man there.  But the local women have a nice comeback to their unchivalrous mayor:
The lady in the [St Isa] street also hit back, saying the men were far from oil paintings themselves. 
'The odds are good, but the goods are odd,' said Anna Warrick, 27.  And podiatrist Catherine Willett, 26, was equally unimpressed.
'They are too busy drinking beer to notice the women and all they do is whistle or yell or beep as you go past - the sorts of communications skills which I just love'
- Metro.co.uk, 19 August 2008

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