19 August 2008

'OMG busted, LOL!'

The Dominion has reported that New Zealand police e-crime units are being assisted by teenagers, who help to fill in the blanks in some officers' knowledge of online jargon:
Police e-crime manager Maarten Kleintjes confirmed that teenagers had been invited to help police with language used on social networking sites and message-boards.

"We can invite anyone to give us a hand if there's an investigation and we have asked teenagers on occasions – to come to grips with some of the terminology and jargon that they use...  One officer had a lady at the counter who he had no idea what she was talking about – she said she had been ripped off by pop-ups [a form of on-line advertising]."

Here's hoping these youthful crime-fighters will help to stem the onrushing tide of lolcat-related illegality and l33tspeak-based criminal codes.
- Dominion Post, 19 August 2008  

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