14 August 2008

In other news, the Pope is Catholic

'A few stiff drinks really does make other people appear more attractive, according to researchers who say the alcohol makes us think about sex.  A test on drunk university students has scientifically proven what was common pub knowledge - that drinking improves the appearance of those around you.
A team from the University of Bristol in England conducted a controlled experiment on 84 young heterosexuals, getting half of them tipsy on a drink and asking all of them to rate the attractiveness of people in photographs.  Both drunk men and drunk women rated the faces as being more attractive than did those who were sober, according to New Scientist magazine.

Surprisingly, the effect was not limited to the opposite sex, as drunk volunteers also rated people from their own sex as more attractive'

- 'People more attractive with beer goggles on: study', Otago Daily Times, 14 August 2008

[Is the fact that the survey sample included only heterosexuals significant?  Seeing as the experiment revealed that people from their own sex were rated as more attractive by heterosexual drunks, perhaps the newspaper decided that 'Alcohol might make you gay' was a less palatable headline] 

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