02 August 2008

A treasure trove for future archaeologists

One by-product of the recent winter storms afflicting New Zealand has been a rich new vein of archaeological deposits laid down for future dirt-scrabblers to exhume and categorise.  Case in point: the owner of Golfers' World, a 9-hole course in Riverlands on the outskirts of Blenheim, has reported that

...about 10,000 golf balls are slowly disappearing into the mud forever.  Owner Terry Agent had been planning to pick the balls up first thing on Thursday after rain closed the driving range on Wednesday, but unfortunately he never got the chance.  Besides the golf balls, Mr Agent also lost mats and a car parked near the edge of the driving range was submerged.

Okay, so I guess future archaeologists might not take too long to work out that it was a golf course.  But perhaps now the balls are planted they'll germinate and there'll be a lovely crop of fresh new ones in the springtime?

- Source: Marlborough Express, 1 August 2008

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