29 August 2008

A bit of a character

The chief constable of the North Wales police, Richard Brunstrom, gives the impression of being a teeny bit eccentric.  The evidence, m'lud, quoted from the BBC:

- In an interview with BBC Radio Wales earlier in August, Richard Brunstrom said he expected to "retire and disappear" by the end of next year.  But in an interview with North Wales Weekly News, he said the person who announced his departure was "mistaken".

- Last year, Mr Brunstrom was criticised for showing pictures of a decapitated biker at a private briefing without the family's permission.  He later admitted he had made a "stupid mistake" - but then partly blamed the media for reporting what he had done.

- In December he reportedly broke into his own Colwyn Bay headquarters to test security, but it recently transpired he might simply have had a faulty key fob.

- BBC News, 29 August 2008

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