07 August 2008

Or maybe you could just hang some art up?

'The point of Work In Progress is to show the gap between the initial vision and the reality that is the finished exhibition. This gap contains hundreds of different choices and decisions, compromises and prioritisations and ideas that never happened. It is a process that we live with every day. What you get to see in Work In Progress is, in other words, a long way from what you meet in the finished exhibition, Mary - The Dream of Woman.

Work In Progress consists of a working area with desks and notice-boards. Here there is research material, literature, ongoing research, music, models and artefacts. The project group uses this location at times for meetings and practical work. When this happens then you the visitor can observe this work in "real time"'

- Placard in front of an empty exhibition hall at the History Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, 16 July 2008

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